A downloadable game for Windows


This game is a head to head battle against an AI character. A number of jewels and hearts will appear on the map.  After a certain amount of time, more jewels will appear on the map. The first player to collect 50 jewels wins.

You can fire your jewels at your opponent (you will lose a jewel for each one you fire). The AI can also fire jewels at you, without losing jewels. If you hit your opponent, you will deal damage. Deal enough damage and your opponent dies. If a player dies they restart at their original location with 0 points. The AI will only start firing jewels when you have reached 20. When you reach 40 he will fire 4 at once.

Collecting hearts from the map restores health.


Click on the square you want to travel to

Up arrow - Fire jewel up

Down arrow - Fire jewel down

Left arrow - Fire jewel left

Right arrow - Fire jewel right


Since you can't see the grid it can be hard to select the right square. Try to click at the base of the jewel/heart.


Game.zip 20 MB
Documentation.pdf 90 kB

Install instructions

Download the zip folder, unzip it and double click the game file.